ANSUL® Inergen System

ANSUL® Inergen System

What is Inergen?

Inergen is non-synthetic, made of gases we already breath: a blend of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, and 8% Carbon Dioxide. Once an inergen system is discharged, it simply returns to the atmosphere in its natural state and because it poses no threat to the ozone layer or climate change, ANSUL® Inergen will never be subject to future legislative restrictions.

How Is It Stored?

Inergen gas is stored using high pressure gas cylinders that when released into a protected area reduces the oxygen content in the room to less than 15% which is the point that fire will extinguish. Approved for use in normally occupied areas and E.P.A. approved as a zero ozone depleting and zero global warming potential. Ansul Inergen human test white paper.  Because it is comprised of only naturally occurring atmospheric gases, Inergen is the leading environmentally correct suppression product providing a viable, long-term sustainable technology for fire protection.

Typical Ingergen Applications:

  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Process control rooms
  • Satellite stations
  • Laboratories
  • Power generation plants
  • Air-traffic control towers
  • Medical facilities
  • Elevator control centers
  • Document storage rooms
  • Bank vaults
  • Museums and libraries