Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Systems 101

A building life Safety or local fire alarm system provides audible and/or visible alarm notification in the event of manual operation of a fire alarm pull-station, the automatic operation of a fire detector, such as a smoke or heat detector, or the automatic operation of the sprinkler or clean agent fire systems. System design and installation of these systems are determined by local codes, building size, and occupancy class.

Intelligent, addressable fire alarm control panels for a wide range of new and retrofit applications—from small installations to complex, multi-building applications.

FireFinder® XLS & Cerberus PRO

Nothing protects people and property like a FireFinder® XLS fire alarm control panel system. When a fire risk is detected anywhere in your facility, the panel is instantly alerted. In less time than it takes to draw a single breath, alarms are activated and emergency control operations are engaged, arrive, the FireFinder XLS gives them the critical information they need to make potentially life-saving decisions, courtesy of an industry-leading 6” LCD that provides crystal-clear, easy-to-read text, maps, and hazmat icons.

With the fire safety system Cerberus PRO, you can meet any application with confidence. The fire safety system excels through fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling, and control. That means for you: maximum safety and optimal protection of people and assets.

False Alarms Are Annoying

False alarms can be a serious annoyance to a business and its community. In addition to the disruption to business operations and the associated fines, they also divert resources from other potential emergencies as first responders are required to respond to the alarm. Siemens offers a No False Alarm Guarantee on its multi-criteria ASAtechnology detectors which states that Siemens will pay fines as a result of a false alarm from an ASAtechnology detector that was purchased from a Siemens branch or authorized Siemens fire product distributor and was properly applied and maintained.