Novec™1230 System

What is Novec™1230?

Novec™1230  also known as Sapphire (fluoroketone) is a 3M technology. Novec™1230 fluid works as a gas, yet it is a liquid at room temperature. Because it is not stored or shipped from the factory in pressurized cylinders, it is easy to handle and charge. Novec™1230 is a highly efficient extinguishant that can be used for both streaming and flooding applications. Approved for use in normally occupied areas and E.P.A. approved as a zero ozone depleting agent, Novec™1230 has an extremely low global warming potential and short atmospheric lifetime. This establishes Novec™1230 Fire Protection Fluid as one of the leading environmentally correct suppression products providing a viable, long-term sustainable technology for fire protection.

How Does Novec™1230 Work?

Novec™1230 uses a unique sustainable chemical agent that fights fire without causing damage, making it ideal for protecting sensitive equipment, works of art, and irreplaceable artifacts, as well as people.

Although stored in liquid form, it quickly vaporizes when released to flood the protected space and extinguish the fire by absorbing heat.

It looks like water, but does not cause the type of damage usually associated with water when putting out a fire. Novec™1230 as a clean agent leaves no residue behind – so once the fire has been put out, you can get back to business.

Typical Applications:

  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Process control rooms
  • Satellite stations
  • Laboratories
  • Power generation plants
  • Air-traffic control towers
  • Medical facilities
  • Elevator control centers
  • Document storage rooms
  • Bank vaults
  • Museums and libraries