Water Mist Systems

What They Do

Water-Mist systems force water and pressurized gas together to deliver a spray of very small droplets. The system suppresses fire in three ways:

  • As the water droplets contact the fire they convert to steam. This process absorbs energy from the surface of the burning material.
  • As the water turns into steam it expands greatly. This removes heat and lowers the temperature of the fire.
  • The water and the steam act to prevent oxygen from reaching the fire so the fire smothers.

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Learn About Water Mist Systems

Marioff HI- FOG Machinery space Accumulator Units (MAU) are used for small machinery space applications, gas turbine enclosures, and the equivalent. The units are modular, self-contained, and have no moving parts. They can be either wall mounted or skid mounted.

The units consist of a number of water cylinders, one or more pressurized nitrogen or air cylinders, and a release valve. When the system is activated, the water cylinders are pressurized and the water mist is released into the pipe work system. Unit size, discharge time, discharge sequence, etc. are dependent on the application.

The dependable system has few moving parts and uses tested technology with decades of proven service. FM approved and environmentally safe.