About DPSI


Failure Is Not An Option

DPSI designs, constructs, and maintains fire, air, and electrical systems for mission critical facilities, production control, and high asset value areas. Our exceptionally responsive and professional staff serves our client companies anywhere in the United States with the most comprehensive array of high quality products and technical services available. We are a “Single Point” of service with a proven reputation for providing the very best technical support and client service in our served market.

“DPSI provides the services we promise when we promise, if not sooner, with the highest level of quality and client friendliness”.
DPSI means reliable design, installation, and service for facilities “Where Failure is not an Option”.


At DPSI, we understand how important it is to ensure that we provide our clients with outstanding service without jeopardizing the safety of our employees and our clients.

DPSI is listed as approved members on the following safety compliance companies:

  • ISNetworld
  • NCMS -National Compliance Management Service
  • PICS  – Contractor Auditing
  • ASAP Drug Solution (LA Clean Card Consortium)



Professional Affiliates